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Security Awareness Program

Security Awareness Program

The vast majority of successful attacks on enterprises exploit humans as a vulnerability. Criminals gain access to sensitive data through phishing attacks or the improper processing of sensitive information by employees. Nowadays, not all employees have the same level of awareness of such threats and their potential consequences. To improve awareness and mitigate the risk of a successful attack in the long term, it is important to adopt a sustainable strategy. Regular security awareness training and phishing simulations can create the necessary awareness.

Phishing Simulation

Phishing simulations measure the level of security awareness within the company. The emails used for phishing can be personalized for your company or selected from pre-designed templates of known phishing attacks. The level of complexity is adjusted as required. The contents of the email could thus range from everyday topics to highly personalized attacks. After the campaign is completed, extensive statistics are compiled for evaluation so that knowledge gaps can be discovered and closed with further training.

Awareness Training

Systematic training keeps employees up to date and enhances safety awareness. Topical issues such as phishing, social engineering, workplace etiquette, password security, data protection, etc. are explained in detail. Depending on your wishes, several training courses can be held per year, which can also be customized as required. To reinforce understanding of the content and to check the effectiveness, a quiz can be created at the end of a learning unit.

Cloud or On-Premise Hosting

Security awareness is an essential issue for any company, regardless of its size. The service can also be hosted on the cloud so that implementation can be done in a resource-efficient and cost-effective manner. Alternatively, the required software can be installed on-site and connected to common authentication systems. Training frequency and simulated phishing attacks are set individually, regardless of where the service is hosted.

SEcurity Awareness Program FEATURES


Awareness Program Questionnaire

In order to achieve the maximum impact it is important to define the goals and the topics in advance. Technical requirements must also be determined. The framework conditions, implementation and goals are defined in collaboration with the customer at the beginning.

Flexible Email Delivery

In order to both not overload the infrastructure and make the phishing simulations more discreet, there is an option to send the emails staggered over a period of time.


General and advanced phishing templates

The customer can choose from a variety of pre-built, multilingual templates for the phishing simulation to make the attacks look as realistic as possible. The templates are partially based on past phishing attacks and therefore represent a realistic scenario.


File input validation

To make phishing simulations look as realistic as possible and to verify real input, passwords and emails are checked for legitimacy. To comply with company policies at all times, entire passwords or emails are never saved, even if they have been entered.


In order to make attacks look as realistic as possible, both the company’s own login website and the email signature including logo(s) can be duplicated. This allows for the difficulty to be adjusted to make simulations look as realistic as possible.



Reports based on the results of attack simulations and awareness trainings are created so that valuable insights can be gained at the end of a campaign to define the appropriate next steps. The reports contain extensive statistics and show in which areas progress was made and also where there is room for improvement.

Security Awareness Program

The Security Awareness Program combines theoretical training with practical phishing simulations. Our team of security experts takes care of it all, from the planning to the implementation of the training and simulations. Customized training sessions and phishing simulations enable, for example, to educate about criminal practices or indications of fraudulent messages, which can vary depending on the industry or a company’s department. Pre-built templates can test common attack methods. The Security Awareness Program is suitable for any size of company and their specific needs by using both a cloud as well as an on-premise solution.


Clue Managed Services expands your team by giving you reliable access to security experts who help you to strengthen the security of your company. Proven products, tailor-made features and your very own personal support structure – we meet your requirements at a low TCO. The monthly service fee eliminates high investments and training costs, enabling you to use our services in a modular way.

Would you like to test and permanently strengthen security awareness in your company? Are there specific topics that are of particular importance to you? Do you lack the necessary infrastructure? Our security experts will be happy to advise you on security awareness training and phishing simulations tailored to your needs.