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Managed Site Protection

Clue Managed Site Protection combines state-of-the-art security mechanisms with dynamic and solidly reliable site connections. It goes without saying that this also includes uncomplicated access to business-relevant applications via mobile devices. Sophisticated ransom-ware and other advanced threats are detected and blocked by sand-boxing mechanism.

Efficient use of Bandwidth

Dynamic bandwidth allocation is made possible through a unique combination of security features and adaptive WAN technology. This means that connections and speed are accurately controlled based on user, protocol, application or web category and content. This keeps cost-intensive connections free for business-critical applications and ensures high redundancy without compromising the speed of switching times.

Mobile Access

Simple and secure access to business applications is becoming increasingly relevant due to the increased use of private devices in workplace and home office environments. Clue Site Protection offers powerful features that allows you to take full advantage of benefits that mobile devices bring, while negating potential security issues. Thanks to advances in mobile operating systems as well as SSL and IPSec VPN, any type of device can be integrated into the corporate network. iOS and Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems are supported.

Simplified Cloud Infrastructure

The use of cloud services is absolutely an asset to any business, but it does come with some difficulties and is worth a rethink: Where is your data stored? How reliable and available are the services? Are there losses in transparency and security?

Clue Site Protection can be operated in the likes of Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), to mention but a few, and enables you to implement security policies according to your own customized standards. This turns the Cloud into a personal data center. Redundancy and transparency across all connections are just two of the many benefits on offer.

Site Protection Features

Traffic Intelligence

The dynamic allocation of lines and bandwidth to users, applications, protocols, systems and web categories ensures reliable availability of business-critical applications.

Application Awareness

Thousands of applications are recognized and classified protocol-independently. We ensure, therefore, that it is impossible to use obfuscation and encryption techniques to bypass security requirements, adding an additional layer of security.

Mobile Access

Safe and secure access to both the company and all necessary applications is guaranteed by Clue Site Protection which works across all common platforms and operating systems. iOS and Android, Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems are supported.

Internet of Things

In those instances where system-independent communication is used, such as vending machines or vehicles, Clue Site Protection makes use of very small and efficient Secure Connection Gateways that can be seamlessly integrated into company assets wherever they may need to be. These are then managed (in large quantities), without compromising on security, and complement our product offering nicely by ensuring that this sometimes-overlooked area is also well protected.

Advanced Threat Protection

It is a sad reality that classic anti-virus methods are no longer able offer sufficient protection. Thanks to cloud-based sand-boxing and online hash databases, Clue Site Protection takes up this challenge and immediately detects mature threats before they wreak havoc, allowing for proactive, rather than reactive, intervention.

Cloud Integration

Virtual Clue Site Protection appliances can be deployed in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and local IaaS providers, while still allowing for the same policies and features as in the enterprise or data center. This keeps security at the same level everywhere.

Site Protection Service

Clue Site Protection combines the protection of your IT infrastructure with extensive traffic routing and fail-over technologies. Our security experts design your tailor-made security policy with your business in mind and seamlessly integrate the security gateways – on site, virtual or as a Cloud service.

We develop concepts and implement far-reaching security mechanisms, such as ATP, according to your specifications or wishes. This also includes consulting services and the overall management of your equipment, such as the regular creation of back-ups, software release and life-cycle management as well as the monitoring of health and security events.


Clue Managed Services, a paid service to have our expertise on hand, expands and extends your team`s know-how with experts to strengthen the security of your company. Proven products, tailor-made features and personalized support – we meet your requirements at a low TCO. The monthly service fee is designed to eliminate high investments and training costs, enabling you to use our services in a modular way according to your budget and specific requirements.

Do you need high-availability multi-link site connections that dynamically prioritize your core applications while protecting your IT infrastructure with high-level security mechanisms? With Clue Site Protection, we would be happy to show you how you can benefit from SD-WAN technologies and, at the same time, minimize administration costs.