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Managed Industrial Security

The interaction between classic IT and industrial systems (OT) presents you with the challenge of protecting them against threats from the Internet or exposed systems in the network, as well as providing secure maintenance access for external service providers. ATMs, production machines, point-of-sale cash register systems, truck fleets, industrial robots, building control systems or vending machines become integrated systems that are exposed to new dangers.

Encrypted Connections

Secure connectors are used to ensure that all data connections are strongly encrypted, regardless of protocol and security level, so that the security of the transport network does not come into question.

Central Management

In mobile and industrial applications, the challenge is usually the number of systems to be managed, which has made a rollout with strict security guidelines impossible. This is now made possible by being template based and by using dynamic configuration methods.

Remote Access

Most industrial system design specifications do not allow remote access outside of certain tight protocols. With the remote access function, temporary access by authorized employees without IT knowledge can be controlled via app or browser.

Strong Authentication

The secure identification of authorized persons for access to critical systems and machines is essential for uninterrupted tracking of access. Soft and hard tokens can be used to uniquely identify persons.

Vulnerability Management

Industrial plants can often not be updated because they cannot afford downtime of their machinery. This can lead to various problems and a difficulty in resolving things timeously. For this reason, systems are proactively checked for weak points with passive scanners, so that these can either be identifies or prevented with methods other than those which could negatively impact on your bottom line.


By supporting the usual industry SCADA protocols such as S7, Modbus and others, as well as the many connection options such as Ethernet, WIFI and LTE/4G, individual machines can be secured and controlled in a zero-trust network.
The industry and ever-expanding needs are driving the development and implementation of Industry 4.0 rapidly to remain competitive and innovative. Practical possibilities for the future are almost endless and far from being exhausted. We cannot cover all use cases, but would like to make mention of some successful collaborations. The more systems are integrated with each other and interfaces between them become more flexible and open, the more the intelligent behaviour of the systems can be achieved. An industrial company has within its operations machines from different suppliers tackling various jobs. Systems have to be run independently of one another since, on the one hand, remote access is often granted to suppliers’ systems, but on the other hand there are also dangers from production plants or machines that have not received a security update for a long time. To set up separate networks per supplier and machine is very complex and complicated to operate.

Areas of Application:

  • Point of Sales
  • Public transportation
  • Transport / Logistics
  • ATMs
  • Production facilities
  • Power stations
  • Industrial controls
  • Robots
  • Building control systems
  • Display boards
  • Mobile access nodes
Do you already use industrial plants, medical equipment, building control systems or point-of-sales terminals in your company or would you like to connect and control your assets such as vehicles, vending machines, displays or other networked devices securely and keep security threats to a bare minimum? Talk to us about Industrial Security. We will be happy to advise and show you a secure implementation adapted to your requirements.