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Security Consulting

Modern IT networks are constantly evolving in order to integrate and accommodate the ever-growing requirements and tasks within a company. Every additional functionality, be it on a technical or application level, brings new challenges and security risks to the fore. In order to ensure fast integration cycles in such a dynamic environment, innovative and reliable security mechanisms need to be in place. The provision of these mechanisms is our bread and butter here at Clue.

It is our aim to support you in developing a sustainable security strategy – a strategy that allows for implementing, migrating and expanding security solutions. This gives you faster reaction times to developments within your company and the changes in IT infrastructure this implies. Our know-how in this arena comes from our many years of experience. We have seen the tangible benefits of this proven many times over. Additionally, we also train your employees to recognize and protect themselves against threats such as cyber-attacks and phishing. Forewarned is forearmed.

Security Implementation

We support you with the proof-of-concept, the planning, conception and integration of network and security systems.

Security Assessment

Our job is to show you the weak points and risks in your company and to support you in eliminating them.

Security Awareness Training

Our extensive training solutions allow employees to gain valuable insight into being more aware of security risks and threats – our training includes measuring their newfound abilities using real-life tests and also keeping their knowledge up to date with industry developments.