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Security Awareness Training

Are you unable to take evasive action against malware and ransomware in your company, for fear of hindering the operational flow? Do you want to minimize the risk of not only malware but also phishing, identity theft and online fraud? Are you subject to ensuring user awareness training and would you like to fully comply with it? Then it’s time for Security Awareness Training.
Employees of your company are exposed daily to some type of phishing and social engineering attacks. Amongst other things, this involves accidental execution of malware on PCs through the unwitting opening of an e-mail attachment.

Another popular move is the clever camouflaging of fake emails to make them appear to be from management in order to manipulate the paying over of funds to a criminal third party. Prevent these attacks on your business by effectively training your employees on these threats and teaching them how recognise and deal with them. It’s important to know that employees, team leaders, management, and executives are often exposed to different methods. Training should, therefore, be target driven and measurable.

In order to avoid the pitfall of this kind of training being too expensive and to allow for employees to legally agree to this kind of initiative, we have pre-developed training courses, personally presented, to be ordered and held relevant to your needs.

Why CLUE Security Awareness Training?

  • You decide which role we take on
  • Campaigns are specially tailored to your company’s needs
  • You choose individual modules or complete packages
  • You don’t need to invest in extra resources, simply benefit from our expertise

Awarness Training

Our awareness training prepares your employees for the dangers of phishing and SMishing lurking in everyday business life. We combine personal hands-on training with e-learning modules and multimedia contributions for the efficient and sustainable training of your employees.

Managerial and Top Executive Training

There are two reasons why we advise training at this level. Firstly, members of the Executive Board and the Board of Directors are often exposed to a greatly increased risk of CEO fraud. These persons are specifically targeted or their identity forged in order to persuade employees to take unauthorized actions. Secondly, these individuals serve as role models within the company and their willingness to take security seriously can do much in increasing and promoting awareness of potential threats and the safer handling of company business.

After the training?

One-off training is not sufficient in alerting employees to the very constant danger of phishing. We offer, therefore, constant re-assessments as well as recurring online training courses to keep awareness up. We also create campaigns with print materials in your CI, which are more visible reminders of how and why to be careful.

Phishing Templates

We prefer not to leave any aspect of our services up to chance and this includes our training campaigns. In order to train employees on well-known and common phishing and social engineering methods, we can fall back on a large number of templates that simulate scenarios from actual phishing attacks. These include attacks on UPS, WebEX, Amazon, Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIN, and many more.

Efficient Measurement

Measuring the success of a campaign plays an important role in the development and direction of subsequent campaigns and training. To do this, we measure from, the beginning of the campaign, the messages sent, the opening and clicking of messages and the downloading of attachments, right down to the location, browser and operating system of the recipient.

Protection against Phishing

If a company is affected by a phishing attack, the priority is to detect this attack as quickly as possible and to warn other employees and take necessary technical steps. For this purpose, we offer an “alert button” in your e-mail client. Phishing e-mails can then be immediately reported, with one click.

10+ Languages

Attack Categories

70+ Campaigns

Do you want to protect your company against ransomware and phishing attacks in the long term and train your employees against the dangers of these? With Clue Awareness Training you can train your employees, measure success using real-life tests and keep know-how up-to-date – you are, therefore, able to immediately detect and act on targeted phishing attacks in the future.